Taimur Shahid

Founder and Chief Hatcher


Founder and Chief Hatcher at Hatch | Founder of Cedar Young Founders Program | Trustee at Nai Subah Youth Empowerment Trust | Design Thinker | Storyteller | Digital Transformer | Youth Entrepreneurship Mentor | Go-Getter

I am a seasoned Marketing Leader at ChargeUp and The Hive, backed by a decade of success in diverse industries – FMCG, paints, real estate, and food services. With a solid track record managing budgets and teams, I’ve driven growth, engagement, and unwavering customer loyalty.

Beyond marketing, I’m a content creator and copywriting enthusiast, known for orchestrating high-performing teams. I am skilled in launching new products and pioneering digital transformations.

I’m passionate about mentoring youth in entrepreneurship, helping them turn ideas into ventures by collaborating with colleges and universities. Additionally, I’m deeply committed to philanthropy, serving as a trustee at an NGO focused on empowering visually impaired youth through capacity building and professional development.

Ready to bring my expertise and passion to your team. Let’s connect!

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Phone : +92 300 3535893
Email : hello@hatchdigitally.com 

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